Everything to do with my business, Costumes without Drama, is currently completely shut-down. I hope to start waking it up shortly…


In the meantime, I have been volunteering during this period of time to make scrubs for medical workers. Most have been made using fabric I have either purchased, or have come from my rather extensive fabric stash. I am happy for the fabric to be used in this way.


I am always pleased to keep fabric out of landfill, so if you have any pure cotton, or poly cotton fabric, laying around your house, let me know and I will happily make them up.  Unused cotton sheets are also a great source of quality fabric for scrubs.


I could probably tell you a story to go with the history of each piece of fabric I have used, much of which was gifted to me from either relatives (who have passed away) or other close friends.


The group I am working with is called Rona Scrubs, and they match healthcare workers with volunteers. There is a big backstory to this, and even though we do not have many COVID19 cases here, we will need to be prepared for some time yet.


If you wish to donate some time or fabric to the cause, please let me know, or, contact Rona Scrubs yourself to be involved.



Cheers, Tracey
Tracey Nuthall
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