There has never been a better time in history for businesses to get their message out there on online and in front of the ideal audience.

LinkedIn is the #1 Social Network for B2B and it is all about building high-trust relationships and ultimately with the aim to win high-value clients.

So, if your ideal clients and customers are on LinkedIn, take a moment to create a profile for the perfect fit.

One of the key elements about your LinkedIn is to have a winning LinkedIn Profile.

Here are 5 tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile help you find real value in using LinkedIn by getting in front of more prospects!

# 1. Appropriate head shot and background image.

Be Real.  Does it look like you? Perhaps a RECENT professional photo and use your full real name. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using a company logo instead of a picture of their face.

# 2. Write your Headline so you stand out to your ideal clients. Your headline on LinkedIn is important – Does it say what you do?  This is what people will see beneath your name on LinkedIn, so include a benefit statement in your headline.

# 3. Summary: describe who you serve and how you help them. Make sure to use relevant

keywords associated with your brand, experience, profession, and industry. This is the area to expose your strengths and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

# 4.  Check your contact info – is it current and accurate and for public visibility is this how you want clients to contact you?

# 5. Edit your custom LinkedIn URL an make it easy to remember and related to your band.

However, the big secret of social media is to get off social media as soon as possible and onto a phone call or into a meeting.

LinkedIn is a great tool, but you cannot always land that deal without meeting in person or at least a phone conversation.

So what about connecting with Manningham Business Network (MBN) or myself on LinkedIn?

Manningham Business Network (MBN) LinkedIn:

Alison Evans Pinpoint Local – Digital Marketing for Business

Drop me a line or a phone call. 

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