Living and Learning at Ajani in Lower Templestowe have an urgent call out for MBN help.   We are truly hoping that our MBN members and friends will join forces and provide a helping hand for this organisation.

What you will get:

Ø  An opportunity to participate in a small business expo

·      Free of charge for micro and home-based businesses

·      Designated space in the Scouts hall for your company display

·      Table and chair provided as part of your set up.

Ø  Public interest exposure generated by the launch of the

·      Community Garden at Ajani

·      Eat & Greet awareness program

·      Free Kids Carnival that is packed with fun and entertainment.

What we need:

Ø  Helpers to man a fund-raising sausage sizzle stall

Ø  Your company to take some display space and promote your goods and services

Ø  Members to man the MBN expo stand on a roster system.

Would you like to have a great afternoon on Saturday, 11th November, contribute to our community’s well-being and at the same time highlight your business by agreeing to one or all of the 3 needs above?  We would love to hear from you if you do.

Please call the event co-ordinator, Jason, on 03 9850 3687 so we can work together to put arrangements in place.

Thanks in advance for your support of a very special organization that provides a lot of great service for our local community.

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