Our best wishes are with all of the entrants.

The Manningham Business Excellence Awards (MBEA) are now in their fifth year  …  this year’s winners are soon to be announced.

Manningham is a fantastic place to live, work, and be in business. We are a thriving community, with booming retail opportunities, a vibrant sporting community, and our entrepreneurs and small businesses are among the best in the state.

Every year we enjoy celebrating the people who contribute to making Manningham prosperous and dynamic by presenting the Business Excellence Awards.

Being in business for most of us is more than turning up and clocking on for 8 hours a day. It is a love of doing what we do, it is working passionately, dedicating ourselves to something which is more than just a dollar figure on an invoice.

Ask yourself this question – you’re in business for yourself, operating a small business with a few staff, a larger company with more staff, teams and more, or you’re a sole trader working from a home office. How often do you reward yourself for a job well done? How often do you celebrate your wins? We know of business people who are successful both professionally and financially, and yet they never stop to pat themselves on the back. They are always nose to the grind stone, always after the next sale, the next client.

This is a great work ethic, but you do need to stop, tell yourself – well done, and celebrate being in business.

As we celebrate the 2017 Manningham Business Excellence Awards we trust that you, too, will celebrate your own achievements and make participating in these Awards part of your 2018 business plans.


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