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Google Announcement: Upcoming  Website Update by Google

You have a bit more than a month before the next Google update.

It should be a big one…

And what makes this one unique is that Google is telling you what to fix in advance.

So don’t wait till the last minute, the last thing you want to do is lose traffic when you could have prevented it.


Website Page Experience
Even though Google is focusing on mobile, you can eventually expect them to ensure that websites are providing the best experience to searchers whether they are using a mobile, desktop, or even tablet device.
Google is looking how “usable” your website is.

Fix errors by looking at Search Console & Run a Site Audit

Unlike most updates, Google is giving you a chance to fix your issues BEFORE they roll out the algorithm.

You need an overview of any URLs on your site that have issues on both mobile and desktop devices.

And then fix all of the errors. Make sure you try and fix each and every single one. SEO has changed over the years where it’s turned into a game of every little thing really adds up.

Read this article for further information about Google’s Page Experience:’t wait for Google to roll out their update to see what happens to your website.

So, do yourself a favor and fix them.

This way you won’t have to worry about your traffic declining.

Are you ready for the update?

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