Getting Back to the Basics of Business  

Do you feel like you take two steps forward and then one step back?

Why do we hear the term ‘back to the basics’ so frequently?  Because it works! Regardless of what you are doing, going ‘back to basics’ is something everyone understands. Being ‘brilliant at the basics’ is where diamonds are found!

Basics provide the foundation for all business success. Witnessing the success of great business owners, we often wonder ‘How’d they do it?’  We see the success.  But do we see how it was achieved?

All too often you’ll hear someone say success is luck, twist-of-fate, or a rare combination of chance and opportunity. Success is more than circumstance. Success doesn’t just happen. It begins with the basics.  So this month we explore the basics of running a profitable business.  You’ll receive tips for:

  • Proven methods to generate leads and how you can convert faster
  • Finding A graders to grow your team
  • Cashflow and ensuring there’s money in your bank account


Meet two guests who will reveal how they have overcome their challenges to breakthrough to the next level

Guest Speaker – Shane Fallscheer, CEO, MD and founder of Lovisa Having started, grown and sold many businesses both here and overseas, Shane has over 28 years of experience in senior management roles with retailers including Sanity, Diva and Rip Curl.  Shane will share what he believes prevents businesses growing, why some people do what others can’t and the lessons he has learnt throughout his career.      

Champions in Business Interview – Leanne Pooley of Unforgettable Products An amazing business owner who continues to strive to achieve her personal best.  Leanne will share her journey from running a very successful retail store overseas to setting up a new business borne from the humble beginnings of her home kitchen.
A benchmark business growing from strength to strength Leanne will share her insights and journey in working her growth plan in a business that’s demanding, challenging and rewarding, all in one.

DATE:  Wednesday 28 October

TIME:    7.15am to 10.00am

VENUE:  Westfield Styling Suite, Doncaster

We expect this event to fill fast so please avoid disappointment and book your seat today.

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