I enjoy being a part of the local business networking group Manningham Business Networking. It is great going along to the breakfast meetings each month and the members forums are always educational.

It is really nice to meet and get to know other local business owners.

Lynne DurhamLynneLife


Manningham Business Network is like no other network I’ve experienced.

Its foundation of learning and growing creates a nurturing environment to do just that, learn, grow and build relationships.

Veronica KennedyA Helping Hand

Ever since joining Manningham Business Network just over a year ago, I have enjoyed all the meetings and feel my business has grown so much because of what I have learnt along the way.  I look forward to each and every meeting and especially listening to the diverse range of fabulous speakers we hear from each month.  I especially enjoy our members forums too, this is where we all share ideas and help each other grow as community minded businesses.  Such a great network to have found in the Manningham area. I couldn’t be happier.

Sheila De BurghSheils Bookkeeping Service

I love attending the Manningham Business Network Open Meetings. I love the way each month there is a new speaker, who brings something interesting and useful to the table. As the owner of a small business, Costumes without Drama, it is great to have access to such interesting, relevant information. I ALWAYS come away inspired, ready to make positive changes to my workplace.

The Members Forums are also equally if not more rewarding… so much to learn, so many ways to learn it.

Tracey NuthallCostumes without Drama

We are different to other networking groups because we are about getting to know each other, learning from each other, sharing knowledge with each other and watching the trust and relationships grow.  As a result of that, referrals organically occur, joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships naturally occur.

Sandi GivensCommunicate with Confidence

I can’t tell you enough how much I get out of our MBN group and I am delighted to be a member.  As our Treasurer, Peter Nash, has said, it’s all about the friendships made along the way ….. so true.

Sandrea BallOfficeworks, Business Specialist, Doncaster Store

Always wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with past and

present Members and Friends of the Manningham Business Network Inc.



Peter Nash, MBN Honorary Life MemberAbsolute Facts !

I have been a member of the Manningham Business Network Group for over a year. I have found it is a great way to connect with local businesses & have external support for our businesses being Accounting & Financial Planning. We are established in business & are continually evolving so MBN contributes to this through further learning from the open meetings speakers & visitors, & a variety of members businesses. The members-only meetings allow me to get to know the other members businesses & how they can work with our business. I highly recommend MBN for a small business owner or nominee.

Linda TurnerPractice Manager, Roy A McDonald and Lindale Insurances