At Costanzo Lawyers, We CARE if you have been injured by another person. Regardless of whether you have been hurt at work, on the road or in any other situation, our skilled Personal Injury lawyers across our offices will advise you if you are entitled to compensation.

WE CARE because we strongly believe that you have the right to be safe. We know that life does not always work out like that, but you deserve better and we are determined to get you the best result.

What we do to get you the best outcome?

We stand beside you through all the steps, from the important free initial appointment where we get to hear your story, and depending on your situation, right through to the settlement where you get your deserved compensation. We know that getting the claim forms correct or dealing with insurance companies is not so easy. As our satisfied clients across all of our legal services have found, we never forget that your security is vital. That is why we clearly advise you where you stand in terms of compensation entitlement. On top of this, you can be reassured that apart from the free initial consultation, we manage your case on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

What does Personal Injury compensation cover?

Depending on your circumstances, Personal Injury compensation covers expenses such as medical or professional expenses, loss suffered such as lost earnings and other financial loss, property damage, and physical or psychological pain and suffering. Before any of this can be calculated, and before you can make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with a claim, it is critical to get independent legal advice. So if you or your loved ones have suffered an injury caused by another person, or even if you wish to make an enquiry for peace of mind, do not hesitate to contact our office:


Road Accidents: It is often a difficult time when a person is injured on our roads. Rest assured that if this has happened to you, your family or other loved ones, WE CARE and will do all that is possible to not only ease the burden, but to secure you the best possible result to not only help you along the road to recovery, but to give you reassurance for the future. At Costanzo Lawyers, we can ably assist you with a compensation claim, provide you with the information required in regards to the TAC and time limits, regardless of whether you are a driver of a car or truck, passenger, motorcycle rider, cyclist or pedestrian.

Workplace Injuries: WE CARE in that we know that WorkCover and workplace injury claims can be very confusing. If you wish to find out whether you are eligible for a worker’s compensation claim, our WorkCover lawyers can take your enquiry and guide you through the entire process. After a workplace accident, one of the last things a person needs is to have to deal with the compensation claim process. At your free initial consultation, we can answer any questions you may have related to workplace accident reports, WorkCover claim, medical certificate and the like.

Serious Injury: If you or a loved one has suffered and will continue to suffer because of the action of another person or business, and you want to check if there is a claim, do not hesitate to contact our office. You may discover that depending on the situation, any costs such as medical or support care will be paid by the insurance company of the person at fault.

Employment Disputes: We understand that disputes at work can affect your entire wellbeing – that not everyone can “leave their trouble at work”. That is why when the situation reaches the point where there cannot be agreement, Costanzo Lawyers can assist to get you the best possible outcome.

For enquiries in regards to any of the above areas, among others, do not hesitate to contact our office.
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“At Costanzo Lawyers, we care because you care and we care about you!”


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