Keep Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing Accurate and Updated During COVID-19 Pandemic.     

Woah, the difference a week can make!

MBN and Pinpoint Local want to acknowledge how challenging and uncertain these times are for business owners. 

However, stay strong, never give up  and  be proactive by seeing what is working right now.  And digital is winning big time !   Customers are increasingly searching online for up-to-date information about the status of local businesses, and their first stop is often the Google My Business Profile.

Here is quick tip to update your GMB listing and Google WILL reward your listing for being accurate during these times.

Businesses can mark their GMB listings as “temporarily closed” :

  • The ability to mark your listing as Temporarily closed has rolled-out in many GMB dashboards. You can confirm that your business is closed and then reopen it when you are fully operational again. 
  •  If the thought of using the temporarily closed feature is unsettling, you can instead use “Special Hours” to indicate that your business is closed right now.

If you are having trouble accessing your GMB dashboard or need a lending hand,  I will provide a free GMB strategy session for MBN members during these times.

Just drop me a line or a phone call
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