How to Get Your Service Business to Rank on Google


If you have a service-area business (in which you travel to your customers) rather than a bricks-and-mortar location, there are specific SEO tactics you can use to help your website rank on Google.


These SEO suggestions will also help if your business is a physical location, and are great tips for local business in general.


  • On your website create “Service + Area” pages. These pages are about one specific service + location.
  •  An example for a local plumber: create a page on his website with the title: Hot Water Service Installation in Doncaster.  
  • Try to include these words ” near me/you or near Doncaster [city]”  in the body of the web page as naturally as possible.
  • Provide plenty of information about this specific service you offer. Use all the keywords sprinkled throughout the content.
  • Showcase jobs you have completed. Potential customers want to see your work – so show them on Google.
  • Use images and even better embed videos about your service. Using your smartphone is perfectly fine. Just make sure ALWAYS IN LANDSCAPE.
  • Create a post on your Google My Business profile and link this post to your  website “Service + Area” page.


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