The country is opening back up! 

Great for small business! 

Don’t get complacent though… 

Your customers still have COVID-19 on their mind. They want to feel safe. 

Here is ONE MUST DO on your Google My Business listing to address their COVID-19 safety concerns: 

Add a COVID-19 Google My Business Post 

Google added an option to specifically make a COVID-19 post. 

This Post is your opportunity to show (not just tell) everything you’re doing to address customer safety. 

Telling vs showing is where most small businesses make a marketing mistake.

Visual persuasion is much stronger than just words.  

So, upload a photo (or even better, a video). 

What type of visual Post should you make? 

Consider showing your social distancing procedures, how you sanitize equipment, your staff may require masks and gloves, your cleaning supplies …  

Visually show what you’re doing to increase customer and client safety. 

Remember, depending on your business search volume, hundreds, thousands, possibly tens-of-thousands of potential customers may see this COVID-related Post. 

If you need help with your Google My Business Post, contact me & I will show you how.

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