Tuesday 25 September, 2018

7:00 am - 8:45 am

Quest Apartments Doncaster
855 Doncaster Road

This month’s Member-Only forum features a workshop based on the DISC method of personality profiling …

Communicating with people who aren’t like us…

Our lives are based around communicating with others – in our work time, our personal lives and  pretty much everything we do.

Sometimes we can feel as if we just aren’t getting through to people – that they are not “getting” our message. And sometimes we feel like we have no idea what the other person is on about.

Well, the Extended DISC tool can assist you to better understand yourself and others and overcome these difficulties.

Having an understanding of behavioural styles and energy types can help you improve business sales, create better relationships with your customers and staff and build team efficiency.  Personally, it can enhance your relationship with your partner, your children and friends, and, of course, it can even help you to understand yourself !

Please come along, team up with your fellow members and learn how to boost your communication skills.  It will be great to have you join us !