Tuesday 27 September, 2022

7:15 am - 9:00 am

Manningham Function Centre
699 Doncaster Road

Join us and hear from Peter Burgess from Process Culture

How to overcome the overwhelm in your business using automation. Boost staff productivity, delight clients and put more money in the bank.

Many businesses are overwhelmed by spreadsheets and cumbersome customer management
systems. This leads to lost sales opportunities – which can be fatal to your bottom line. In this 30
minute presentation, Peter Burgess shows how and why sales process automation can benefit your
business today.

Key topics include:

  • How businesses can now leverage powerful automation using cloud based tools;
  • Why every business needs a CRM or “single source of truth” for customer data;
  • How to use online forms to handle enquiries and automate client onboarding;
  • Why every business needs a follow up strategy – and how automation ensures you’re making “a fortune in the followup”;
  • How to automatically create pre-filled agreements that can be signed electronically by your clients;
  • How to ensure you get paid up front and on time – every time!

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