Tuesday 12 October, 2021

7:30 am - 8:30 am

Working from home S.A.F.E.L.Y. in these “new normal”, “unprecedented times”!



Dr David McIvor is a work health and safety consultant and trainer with over 35 years’ experience. During his career, he has helped a diverse range of organisations address and solve their occupational and work health and safety issues and challenges.

A Chartered OHS Professional with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety, David is also a Member of the Ergonomics Society of Australia, a Professional Member of the Professional Speakers Australia, and a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The traditional approaches to occupational or work health and safety were developed in the 18th century. They focus on the safety of workplaces, be they offices, factories, showrooms or ‘worksites’ (for example, building and construction sites). In other words, the focus has been on where people work, not so much on the work they do!

Contemporary approaches now focus on the work that people are doing. “Work is something we do, not just a place we go”.

David will discuss some of the traps and pitfalls of working from home – and offer some tips and suggestions.