Tuesday 28 November, 2017

7:00 am - 8:45 am

Quest Apartments Doncaster
855 Doncaster Road

November – Members-Only Forum

Long standing member, Tracy Nuthall of Costumes without Drama will facilitate this Manningham Business Network Inc. Members’ Forum.    We are very pleased to have Frank Costanzo of Costanzo Lawyers as our Member in Focus too.

Topic for our Business Development Activity:
30 minutes or less to design an impactful Marketing Presentation!

Speaking is well recognised as one of the most effective means of promoting yourself, your products and services. And yet, most people fear public speaking more than flying, spiders, snakes – even death!

If you long to have the skills to be able to confidently deliver a well crafted speech/pitch, or to be a Guest Speaker at association and networking events, but you feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing this because you have no idea how to construct a presentation …

then this is a not-to-be-missed Forum! Exclusively for MBN members who want to learn the secret formula to artfully and professionally designing a presentation on your expertise in only 30 minutes!

Sandi Givens, of Shattering Glass Ceilings, has been presenting conference keynotes, workshops and at networking events for over 3 decades and is looking forward to sharing some really great ideas with her fellow MBN’ers! These tips and strategies are guaranteed to help you pull together a professional marketing presentation on your area of expertise easily and quickly.