Tuesday 8 August, 2023

7:15 am - 8:45 am

Manningham Municipal Offices
699 Doncaster Road



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As part of our networking session this month, we have a terrific Keynote Address that will certainly lead to some interesting discussion between our members and guests.

With growing global activity and media attention, Cyber Security is front of mind for most internet users.   Awareness and education play a key role in helping to shield our computer equipment and systems from malicious attacks.

Our MBN Business Breakfast for August will provide information on defining Cyber Security and why it is a necessary defence for our businesses.  Our Speaker, Brendon Marchesi of AusCyberSecurity Pty Ltd, will cover subject areas such as:-

  • Being aware of where system dangers may lay
  • How best we can protect our personal and business data
  • The steps to take should our equipment and software be compromised
  • Where to find assistance – when things are fine … and when they are not!

It would be great to have you join us as we learn more about our Cyber world and the potential issues we face!  Reserve your place now.