Tuesday 26 May, 2020

8:00 am - 9:00 am


During the pandemic shut-down period, MBN is holding extraordinary online Members’ Forum events.  Non-member guests are welcome to join us at these Zoom meetings.

Our MBN members in focus this month look forward to sharing their expertise with you …


Getting you on track

Lynne Durham – Life Coach

With what is going on in the world, even though you’re able to work from home, are you finding yourself with more time, but still unable to set routines and start moving on some of your goals?  Are you seeking help in setting up routines and staying accountable?  Lynne will have some strategies that will get you on the right track.


Getting your business marketing on track

Alison Evans – PinPoint Local  and  Chris Martini – Otticolab

MBN’s Digital Footprint is an online initiative promoting MBN members’ businesses across selected MBN digital platforms. The purpose of this program is to direct more traffic to your business website.  Join us to learn the back-of-house necessities.  Alison and Chris will show how participation in this program will help you get the best out of your online marketing.




Would you like the opportunity to speak/present to fellow members and an upcoming Forum? The value and success of our monthly Forums rests will all MBN members.  So, please register your desire to contribute to one or more of these segments by calling 0421 944 891 or emailing Elaine at admin@mbn.asn.au.


What’s your area of expertise?

Will it help all members to run a more efficient and profitable business?

(Please note: this is not a ‘sales pitch’ for your business!   It’s a time to say this is “how we do it” not this is “what we do”).

Are you an expert in branding, preparing financially for retirement, getting quality leads and referrals, writing winning proposals, getting ROI from networking, performance management of staff, conflict resolution, delivering presentations, maximising tax deductions or writing media releases?

In other words, what knowledge are you willing to freely share with your fellow members that your clients would normally have to pay for?


This segment enables us all to share and learn from each other’s experiences – it’s a time when we can highlight our successes and seek advice or guidance on any issues we might have to hand.

What have you recently learned in your business that could benefit other members?

  • Better ways of managing cash flow or debtors?
  • Protecting your IP?
  • How to effectively recruit and induct new staff?
  • How to minimise bank and credit card charges?
  • A marketing campaign that didn’t give you ROI but taught you valuable lessons?


Do you have a business challenge you’d like to have your fellow members’ give you new ideas about?

Working in small groups, the combined wisdom of MBN members might just help you make the breakthrough you need!


To help members get to know each other and our businesses, this new form of ‘Member in Focus’ will be conducted in a brief interview style. Members under focus will be advised of questions that will be asked beforehand, allowing each interview to then be a short, sharp “get-to-know-you”.  We hope this leads to building trusting relationships and ultimately business growth.