Tuesday 26 July, 2016

7:15 am - 8:45 am

Quest Apartments Doncaster
855 Doncaster Road

What’s bugging you in Business?

As requested from our membership, this month’s Business Development Topic we’ll be brainstorming in small groups is How can we help you?

So members – think about what’s bugging you in your business – what obstacles are you currently facing? – what problem do you need to solve? – what’s the number one thing you want, or need, to change in how your business is performing right now?

Your fellow members will share tips, strategies and ideas to help you tackle your burning issues head on and kick start your New Financial Year!

Additionally, we’ll hear from 2 members (drawn from the hat at our April Forum) as they speak to the entire membership about their businesses and get feedback from us all.

(Remember – to get the chance to speak at our August Members’ Forum, you need to be at this month’s Forum to have your name in the hat!)

And … guess what? We’re celebrating Christmas in July! Each member will be getting a small gift from your committee – so come along, join in the festivities and celebrate the New Year!