Tuesday 14 February, 2017

7:00 am - 9:00 am

Mannningham Function Centre
699 Doncaster Road

The Invisible Force That Exceptional Leaders Deploy

 Our speaker this month is someone who understands business, not only from a marketing, systems and strategic point of view – but also from what many would say is a ‘Jedi-level’ deep-thinking stand point.

He also understands how people develop to the point that he deconstructs logically and tangibly how history, biology and psychology determine what we do and the results we get.

He has an ability to deconstruct the root causes of business challenges (and successes) and then apply them to simple but powerful models that give clear and tangible concepts and rules to ensure the business achieves exceptional results.

His mission is to revolutionise the way business owners think so that they can develop the freedom and prosperity they deserve. Moreover, his passion extends to transforming the teams and families connected to those businesses.

He believes that if we run great businesses, we will support and nurture great families. And with great families, we will inspire and raise up the next successful generations to come.

Who is this man? It’s Troy Eadie, the CEO of Business Success Systems – and he’ll be speaking on The Invisible Force That Exceptional Leaders Deploy. We know members and guests are going to be talking about his presentation for months to come!