Tuesday 13 February, 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am

Manningham Function Centre
699 Doncaster Road

“Branding Your Business and Engaging Your Customers”


Late last year we heard from Glen Coutinho about turning customers into ‘raving’ fans of your business. Continuing on this theme, Phoebe Lay is going to share with us her strategies for branding your business and engaging with your customers.

Phoebe founded Thrive and Shine Coaching in early 2017 to help entrepreneurs get started and manage the size of their new businesses. She  combines her expertise in human behaviour and coaching with her business and social media experience to help empower those who are starting out in business with the confidence needed to succeed in their endeavours.

Phoebe’s background is as a start-up entrepreneur. Having started up her own photography business shortly after returning from her 1-year working holiday visa in the UK, she soon created her own social enterprise (Matcha Sisters). Donating 50% of profits to rescued human trafficking victims; social media and marketing online became a passion.

“As a business coach I help people learn to say yes to themselves, to leave the fear and the negative self talk behind and embrace everything that they aim for. I combine business strategy mentoring with coaching on self-love, how to take strategic action even in the face of fear and how to overcome procrastination and overwhelm in the early stages of business.”