Whoever would have thought that the world would be in this traumatic situation?  Whoever would have thought that staying positive would take so much effort?  However, it is inspirational to see that so many are making a conscious decision to be positive and start building a new future pathway.

Do you have a light hearted ‘iso’ antidote to share?  A recommendation to make?  Heard of a business service or idea you think our readers would like to tap into?  Please send them in … our readers would love to hear from you.


Please reach out to your colleagues and friends – A personal call, a quick chat can make the world of difference to someone’s day.  Remember, too, that information and assistance is available at Beyond BlueLifeline and Black Dog .

MBN May OnLine Business Connection

M  0421 944 891     E  admin@mbn.asn.au     www.mbn.asn.au
Please join us for a Zoom presentation on Tuesday, 12th May, 2020 at 8:00am.
Gillian Harvey will outline how to regain and maintain optimal performance for life and business through four key areas, which form the foundation of a healthy body and mind.  Some of the things she’ll talk about are; fuel, spare parts and maintenance for your most valuable tool of trade – YOU.  BOOK  NOW

Legal Matters

Frank Costanzo     Costanzo Lawyers
P  03 9894 5888   E  frank@costanzolawyers.com.au   W  www.costanzolawyers.com.au
As with any difficult time, sound advice from a caring professional can help put perspective into a situation.  Frank’s experience and expertise in Family Law is outlined in their video at https://youtu.be/kt7D73uFyuI.

Video Marketing Tips

Chris Martini     Otticolab
M  0423 891 194   E  chris@otticolab.com.au   W www.otticolab.com.au
Are you following Chris’ fabulous video?   We recommend you do.   His topic for this week is ‘Tips for making your Video Chat more professional’ at  https://youtu.be/a2zk2N_E_Vk.
If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like him to take up, please make direct contact and share your thoughts.

Digital Marketing Tips

Alison Evans    PinPoint Local
M  0407 802 953     E  alison.evans@pinpointlocal.com
We have yet another hot tip from Alison on getting your business front and centre online. You will find this and other relevant articles on our Facebook page and also at https://manninghambusinessnetwork.au/blog/.
A reminder of our connecting links – GMB http://bit.ly/3aA0qXp, Facebook @ ManninghamBusinessNetwork and Instagram @ Manningham.Business.Network.

Things to make your life better

Lynne Durham    Life Coach
M 0419 644 774 E lynne@lynnelife.com  W  Lynnelife.com
We recommend you check out Lynne’s blog link http://lynnelife.com/ky6p.  It’s a great introduction to her library of blog articles, support and service that she gives.

Don’t Panic  –  Do Over React

Peter Blasch     Maverick Mentoring for Business
M 0408 036 153   E peter@mmfb.com.au    W www.maverickmentoringforbusiness.com.au/
With the country facing its most challenging situation in living memory Businesses are feeling the pain.  This is affecting our economy.
–   It is changing How you Do Business
–   It is affecting What you Do in Business
–   It is affecting What you Sell to your clients
–   It is affecting How you Sell to your clients
Now is not the time to Panic. It is time to Overreact and seize the opportunity before you.
Join Business Coach Peter Blasch for your FREE 2 hour Business Mentoring Strategy session.  Together you will design the Strategy for moving your Business through this crisis.
–   Learn how to position yourself for growth
–   Learn How to redesign your Product and Service offerings

Manningham Business

Christine Gibbins    Tourism and Business Development Officer, Manningham Council
T  9840 9494    E Christine.Gibbins@manningham.vic.gov.au     www.manningham.vic.gov.au
Manningham Council’s COVID-19 Relief Package
Last Tuesday, Manningham Council endorsed a package of relief measures to ease the financial burden on residents and businesses affected by COVID-19.
The relief package includes support for local businesses, ratepayers and community, including:
·       Introduction of a COVID-19 local business development program
·       50% discounts on the next round of annual registration fees for footpath trading permits, trader parking permits and food and health premises registration in 2020/21
·       Fourth quarter rate payment due date has been extended to 30 June 2020, with no penalty interest. Special payment arrangements available for those experiencing financial hardship
Coronavirus business support and financial assistance finder
A range of assistance is available from the Australian and Victorian governments and other organisations to support businesses impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19). This finder will ask a series of questions to help you find the funding or support available to you based on your circumstances.

The Whitehorse Business Group

Free Webinar  –  Friday 8th May, 2020  at 8:15 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
COVID-19 and working from home
Perspective from a business owner and personal injury lawyer
The webinar discussion with cover the challenges of working from home:
– Personally
– Running a business
– Making sure you and your employees are safe from both mental and physical injuries
– What if an injury occurs during this time
You can access more information and register for free by visiting their  website.

Seems we are heading for better times … hold Alison Evans’ words front of mind : “When the dust settles and things return to normal, people will remember those businesses who were out and about and being visible.”

Warm regards,
Your MBN Committee

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Warm regards,
Your MBN Committe

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