Tuesday 14 July, 2015

7:15 am - 9:00 am

Manningham Municipal Offices
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Not the what – but the Who and How!

It’s often said that investors invest in people, not products or ideas; and how true this is.

So just how important is your presence and presentation in winning with your innovation, or indeed rising to the top in your profession?

A study that shocked the room
Some years ago during the study of a business degree we undertook some research as an elective subject into public speaking, presentation skills and the secret of good presence.

During this work experiments were conducted with both shy and retiring types and even the most forthright and confident person in the class. This fellow was “full of it” but within minutes was literally reduced to a trembling wreck as his presentation ensued. All of this was video recorded and some valuable insights and lessons were learned.

The Silver Bullets
Resulting from this work we developed what we refer to as the “Silver Bullets” or lifeboats for presenters.

No matter whom the speaker, even the most accomplished, confident and well researched, at some stage you will encounter seemingly uncontrollable nerves, shortness of breath, trembling and even forgetfulness that is noticeable to any audience, especially those seated closest

Given that this is inevitably the case, and be assured if you are required to present from time to time this will happen, what are the lifeboats or the silver bullets?

Learn the Art!
For anybody wanting to succeed in business and in life, learning the art of fine presentations will stand you in good stead, build your self-confidence and position you as a leader amongst people.