Marketing Your Business for Mobile SEO


Mobile phones have dramatically changed our lives, the way consumers search and use the internet.


People use smartphones for everything – it’s huge!

  • Studies have found that people often grab the nearest device to look something up quickly and more often than not, that’s their smartphone.
  •   Using smartphones to search online search has now eclipsed using the desktop computer.
  •  People use searching on mobile to inform themselves about products before making the decision to buy something, any time, any place.
  • According to research by Google, smartphone users have a higher buyer intent than desktop users.
  • They’re focused and ready to buy.


As a business owner, It’s your job for your business to be there online when searchers are looking for products or services.


Mobile SEO is also about your Google My Business profile showing up and ranking on Google Maps.


Mobile SEO is about your Website loading quickly and without issues.


So, what are you waiting for?


Get your smartphone, check your business on a smartphone browser and find and fix those issues.


This is the time to take action because if you don’t, you might get left behind.


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