Should You Respond to Google My Business Reviews?


Yes.  Yes. Yes.

Hope this clear enough!

Responding to your online reviews is crucial—no matter if they’re negative or positive—because this is what your potential new customers see.

As a business owner, you have the ability to respond to Google reviews and engage with your customers.

If consumers see you ignoring poor reviews, they may think that you won’t be attentive to them as a customer and won’t give you a chance.

They may go to your competitor who has responded to their negative reviews, made things right with the customer, and turned the bad situation into a good one.

You can either respond to Google reviews via your desktop or a mobile device through your Google My Business account.

Not only do reviews from past customers help you win over new customers, but Google Reviews also improve your search ranking.


How to Respond to Google Reviews

  1. Check your Google Accounts for reviews
  2. Evaluate the reviews
  3. Respond to positive Google Reviews
  4. Respond to negative Google Reviews


Don’t miss out on all the business you’re pushing away simply by not responding to reviews.


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