Marketing tactics every business need to do right now.   


Currently most people are working from home and staying inside.  So as a business owner, you must adjust your marketing message to meet these new conditions.   Reach out to your customers to update and promote your business and your message.

If you are open for business, tell your clients as they probably don’t even know.   Practically, this means that even if they find your website, they may not contact you because they don’t know if you’re open.  

Some potential clients might also check if you’re open on social media.  Have you posted an update? Are you active? If not, they might take that as a sign that you’re closed.  

If you are temporarily closed, you need to let people know that, along with an expectation on when they can expect to hear back from you if they do contact you.  

And before you can spread the word, it’s important to know where you need to spread the word.  You can start with the most obvious ways your customers/clients find your business such as: 

  • Your website 
  • Google My Business 
  • Facebook 
  • YouTube 
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 

If you or your business need help with your marketing message, I am providing a free Marketing Strategy Session for MBN members during these times.

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