65% percent of people learn visually.

People also remember visual images better.

A study showed that people retain 65% of a message three days later when it’s shown with images compared to 10% if it’s just heard.


So, what does this tell you?


Given our short attention span, our customers, clients and prospects don’t have time to read lots of text.


But an emotion-stirring image only needs a second to leave a lasting  impression of your business.

People want to see what you’re doing.

They want to know who the people are behind your business.


Visual storytelling is a way for customers to feel like they’re connecting with a real human.

So show pictures of your team, your physical location if you have one, your services and products.


Always ask yourself; is there an image that can better convey your idea than words.

Or if text is the most important message, try and include an image as well – even a logo or head shot is better than no image at all!


As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

How are you using visual storytelling?

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