Is Google My Business more important than your website?  


This question is hot in the SEO community:  Is a Google My Business (GMB) listing more important than your website?  

There are a myriad of features in a GMB listing. 

And it just keeps getting better because Google adds more and more to GMB 

Businesses can communicate directly their contact details, list work hours, add photos/videos showing their business premises, their Team and, of course, for receiving and responding to reviews. 

So, let’s unpack all that & show how GMB benefits your business: 

  • Benefit #1: Your clients can find your business information right on PAGE ONE of Google – extremely difficult to get your website on Page One!   

  • Benefit #2: It is FREE – take advantage of Google’s free way to boost your visibility. 

  • Benefit #3: It helps build a relationship with your clients. 

  • Benefit #4: It can help your SEO – tests show there is a connection between your GMB, your Website and showing up in Google. 

Are you taking advantage of the remarkable benefits of your own GMB listing? 

Is your GMB listing claimed and verified? 

Is your GMB fully completed – there are so many new features available that you may not know about. 

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