The country is opening back up … and then it isn’t and then …

Confusion for everyone, especially confusing for small biz!

In these times it is even more important your Google My Business (GMB) listing is accurate about  opening times and addresses customers COVID-19 safety concerns.


Add a COVID-19 Google Post to your GMB listing

Google added an option to specifically make a COVID-19 post.

This Post is your opportunity to show (not just tell) everything you’re doing to address customer safety.

Telling vs showing is where most small businesses make a marketing mistake.

Visual persuasion is much stronger than just words.


What COVID-19 Google Post to add to your GMB listing

So, upload a photo – or even better, a video!

What type of visual Post should you make?

Consider the staff wearing practicing your social distancing procedures, sanitization measures & if necessary, wearing masks and gloves.

Visually show what you’re doing to increase customer and client safety.

Remember, depending on your business search volume, hundreds, thousands, possibly tens-of-thousands of potential customers may see this COVID-related Post.


Please don’t have your GMB listing below like below! Google HATES this.

Have your listing fully optimized – ESPECIALLY opening hours and add your business website!


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